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Vicodin addiction Vicodin is really a prescription medication utilized in treating mild to severe discomfort. It's created through the combination of hydrocodone bitartrate and acetaminophen (paracetamol). Hydrocodone is really a narcotic discomfort reliever and acetaminophen is less potent discomfort reliever that boosts the results of hydrocodone. It will come in tablet or capsule form. Acetaminophen is really a non-narcotic drug which is often used in treating fever, cold, flu which is additionally a discomfort reliever. Acetaminophen only has mild unwanted effects however overdosing may cause serious liver injuries, which may be fatal. Vicodin consists of more volume of acetaminophen than hydrocodone. Hydrocodone may be the major element of vicodin. It functions by binding the nerve receptors from the brain. It's a narcotic drug utilized in treating discomfort and cough. Hydrocodone consists of opioid elements, that has exactly the same fundamental features like morphine but it's digested inside a different method. Nevertheless it can